AISOP presented to the AI4Grids Symposium – AI in Distribution Networks – on 26. September 2023

Presentation title page for the AI4GRIDS Symposium AISOP presentation

Antonios Papaemmanouil, AISOP’s Project Owner, presented the AISOP project to the AI4Grids Symposium on 26. September 2023 at the Hochschule Konstanz.

The Symposium press release can be read here: „KI-Systeme sind Schlüssel, um Stromverbrauch und -erzeugung in Einklang zu bringen“. AI4Grids lädt zu Abschlusssymposium 

The Symposium’s website is here: AI4Grids Symposium

The slides from the presentation can be found here: AI-assisted decision support for operational planning in distribution systems